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Feel free to decorate and share your own Seller page indefinitely as a Marketing SHOP.

Without any special knowledge, You can easily create your own Star Page in a minute by dragging & dropping method.

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Conveniently meet damda STAR (Seller) from all around the world and experience global marketing and sales through them.

Through damda, you can experience opportunities to grow into a successful brand by securing provisional customers, increasing sales, managing product prices, and maintaining brand position.

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damda Services
For a surprisingly easy sales
Select the products you want to sell and that’s all!
No need to worry about delivery and CS as they will be taken care of by Supplier. When the purchase is confirmed, commission payment is automatically made!

Selected Products

In damda, you can find carefully selected special, trending and cost-effective products that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Delivery and CS Support

CS and delivery will be taken care of by the Supplier while Chatbot also serves customers on behalf of Sellers so focusing on Sales is your only work!

Quick Payment

An easy payment system allows fast commission withdrawal as soon as customers confirm their purchases.

Sales & Brand Growth damda creates core value for Suppliers
For influencers and sellers, products are not just for sales but also for promotion and marketing purposes. Understand the vision, damda helps to promote your brand and the continuity of sales growth.
Wonderful Revenue
A wide range of professional sellers will help to create brand differentiation, promote and sell your brand’s products.
Your only tasks are to provide good products with good quality and interesting contents, then be prepared to stock them quickly!

Sellers by Categories

damda selects sellers very carefully. We provide training services for sales points, differentiated products characteristics, so that sellers can sell your products well.

Increase repurchase customers

We provide unlimited support including marketing, CS, point, etc. to increase the number of Sellers’ repeated customers.

Raising the Brand Image

As sellers are trained in brand differentiation strategies to promote your products in a way that matches your brand, and as Supplier can manage the selling price yourself, the brand image indeed rises.

damda Porfolio
damda provides sellers and suppliers with effective solutions that allow products sales and promotion growth.
High sales commissions, commission negotiation feature, and purchase rewards
damda’s suppliers provide satisfied sales commission rates for seller without any intermediate stages. Sellers can also negotiate for a separate commission rate with the suppliers; and both of them can conveniently induce their customers by giving them after-purchased rewards.
Link to Star Page just by one click!
Link to Star Page just by one click!
Forget about uploading multiple product links in your SNS profile, now you can easily and conveniently manage multiple links with just one damda Star Page link. To emphasize your own image, you can even freely upload and manage the products in your other e-commerce stores outside of damda on your own star page.
Convenient Vendor/Seller Portal
Real-time sales details and commission can be checked on both PC and mobile devices; product sourcing and management are also very convenient at damda. Sellers can choose various products they want and sell it at their own online shop - from household goods to health functional foods, beauty, and fashion, etc. All are verified and managed by specialised MD.
Sell easily and efficiently to customers worldwide through our network of sellers
Reach customers anywhere in the world through our network of sellers! Start selling overseas easily and quickly with damda. You can promote suppliers' products globally and sell them in a simple way.
damda Recommendations
Recommended leading products for damda Sellers
Overseas Trending Female Fashion
Top selling trending female products from overseas. Delivered in 5-8 business days.
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Korean Female Fashion
Top rated Korean boutique brands. Delivered in 2-5 business days.
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Must-known 22 S/S Male Fashion Brand
We deliver the recommended products for those who want to know more about the most trending Male Fashion in the world.
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Overseas and Korean Male Fashion
You can find all the top rated Korean and overseas fashion brands in DAMDA.
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damda offers incredible value
to sellers & suppliers

Local service in Korea has been opened.
The global version of damda service will be available in May.